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Title loans in Torrance, CA

Although Torrance, CA started out as home to the Tongva Native Americans, Juan Jose Dominguez took it over for the Spanish Empire in 1784. In 1846 it was divided and became the Alta, CA territory belonging to Mexico. Jared Sidney Torrance purchased part of the land that had belonged to Spain and created an industrial and residential community in the early 1900s. This is how the area came to be called Torrance. It was incorporated in 1921 and is now a part of what is referred to as Old Town Torrance. Following the end of WWII, the aerospace manufacturers set up plants in Torrance and stayed active until an economic downturn in the 1990s. Torrance is also known for its oil production. Although there are no longer thousands of oil wells as there once were, the area still makes a considerable contribution to the gasoline supply of Southern CA.

Why apply for a car title loan?

Quick cash relief can come in handy for almost everyone, but there are constraints that can keep you away from getting the cash. For instance, if your credit score is bad or if you’re unemployed. The great thing about our car title loans in Torrance is that you can apply even with a bad credit score or if you’re unemployed at the moment. We will process your application, and if you get approved you can get an instant loan of $2,600 or higher, depending also on the equity of your car.

You can apply for a car title loan in Torrance by calling us at (310) 307-3407, by filling in the online form on this page.


  • Get up to $20,000 Cash
  • Keep Driving Your Car
  • No Credit Checks

Auto title loans in Torrance

There are several reasons why car title loans in Torrance are favored by many who seek for immediate loans. It makes sure the application process is very simple and fast. We won’t make your life hard by asking for endless number of documents, since we know how important it is for you to get the cash as quickly as possible without the unnecessary red tape. There are many things you can do with the money, so whatever your needs are, go ahead and send us your request. Once you get the quick cash, you can use it for anything you need. Many people use car title loans to pay off old debts, put towards school tuition or for emergency expenses. Really, the sky is the limit when you think of all the things you can do with the extra influx of cash. Apply today and find out if you qualify for a loan of up to $20,000!

Applying for Car Title Loans in Torrance

Take a look at the bottom portion of this web page and you’ll see the online request form for car title loans in Torrance. Fill it out and send it in. One of our loan clerks will be happy to go over your personal details and get an evaluation of the car that you own. It’s important to confirm that your name is listed on the car title as its owner. We will check to see if your fit our credit requirements, which include the ability to pay back the loan and a car that has sufficient value. If all of this checks out, we will contact you to continue the loan process.

Keep Driving Your Car

If your situation fits our credit requirements, we will process your loan as quickly as possible. Once you get the money, you can keep your car and drive it as you are accustomed to. You do not have to give up your car to use it as security for a car title loan in Torrance! We only use the car title as security by adding our name as the lien holder. We will leave the title with our name on it until you have completed all the payments according to the contract. Then we will be sure to remove our name and issue you with a clean car title.

Bad Credit Loans in Torrance, CA

If you think that having a bad credit score means you can’t get a loan in Torrance, then think again. We know that having a bad credit score doesn’t mean you are not capable of repaying the loan. That’s why we hand out loans to applicants with poor or bad credit score, as long as they meet our credit criteria and prove the ability to repay the loan.

We understand that people can fall into financial difficulties from time to time or experience rough periods. Your credit history could be affected if you were out of a job for a short period, if you paid a few of your bills late or if you ran into emergency expenses that you couldn’t cover. Many times we’ve seen our customers get into a situation with bad credit because of credit card debt. It’s so easy to pull a credit card out of your wallet when you’re at the register paying for a purchase, but credit card bills can get out of control. Until you can get your credit card spending under control, you might have too many bills to pay. We can help you with a personal loan starting at $2,600. Remember, that we base our loans on your car, among other things, so if the bank turned you down because of your credit history, there’s no need to get despondent.

Getting Your Instant Cash

Getting started with the application for a car title loan in Torrance is very easy and only takes a few minutes. You can do it yourself online or you can call (310) 307-3407 and speak with one of our representatives. Either way, the process is simple and fast. Start off by using the online car title loan application. Fill in your car’s make, model, year and mileage. Then, insert some basic contact info, and a staff member from our loans team will contact you as soon as possible.

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Loans made or arranged pursuant to a California Financing Law #603J988 5 Star Car Title Loans (5 Star Loans, Inc., DBA). Title Loans in CA are Installment Loans. Our minimum loan amount is $2600. 5 Star Car Title Loans may act as the broker for the loan, and may not be the direct lender. All loan applications are subject to meeting our credit criteria, which includes applicant's ability to repay the loan. 5 Star Car Title Loans may check applicant's credit history upon applicant's authorization. Bad Credit Loans is a term used to describe loans given to applicants with bad credit history. Car title loans are type of Collateral loans.
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